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The digital edition of Internal Auditor is a fully replicated version of the magazine, allowing you to view entire issues and flip through each page — just like the print edition. You’ll find a variety of navigation tools to browse articles, as well as bonus video content paired with select feature articles.


From its first issue in 1944, Internal Auditor magazine has chronicled the advances, the challenges, and the evolution of internal auditing. Through these pages, we have witnessed the profession rise from a focus almost exclusively on financial matters to its establishment as a major force in governance and crucial to organizational success.

More than ever, Internal Auditor readers are hungry for information when and where they need it most. That shows in increased readership of magazine and online-exclusive content on, launched in 2008. In fact, since the coronavirus was designated a pandemic by the World Health Organization, visits to the magazine’s website have surged 13%.

In response to reader expectations, the magazine is focusing its energy and resources where they are of most value to you — on developing and delivering timely and relevant content. To do that, we will be suspending the print edition after this issue. This is a natural progression, one that we have been examining for a long time, as readership habits turned to more on-demand interests. For those of you who have grown comfortable receiving the magazine in print form, that format will continue to be available for online viewing or through download. In addition, your subscription will not be affected, as it remains an important benefit of membership in The IIA.

Rest assured, Internal Auditor’s highly experienced team of editors and writers will continue to work tirelessly to keep you, the magazine’s readers, up to date on the latest developments, especially those around COVID-19 and how they are impacting internal auditing. In this issue, for example, the magazine features several articles related to COVID-19, providing valuable information to practitioners who are moving forward during these difficult times.

The cover story, "Navigating the Crisis" (page 22), considers how internal auditors can help management address short-term risks while keeping an eye on what lies farther down the road. You’ll also want to read Internal Auditor’s online exclusives, including "Responding to the Crisis," a look at The IIA’s approach to business continuity. Also on, the editorial team has started a COVID-19 Newswire, with daily updates as organizations turn to the next phase of the crisis.

Our commitment to members and subscribers has never wavered. We pledge to work toward providing indispensable information to professionals who want to keep pace with the diverse, dynamic field of internal auditing. And we look forward to you joining us online to see what’s coming over the horizon.

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Richard F. Chambers, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA

President and Chief Executive Officer

The Institute of Internal Auditors

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