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From May 1-4 the 8th Global Council of The IIA was organized in Vienne. More than 120 people from 70 countries participated in the discussion. On behalf of IIA Netherlands Hans Nieuwlands attended the meeting. The purpose of one of the break out sessions was to define today’s hot issues in the world.

Participants of the 2011 Global Council

The following 25 were discussed:

1. Anti corruption/bribery

2. Assessing efficiency of business operations

3. Auditing an organization’s strategic initiatives

4. Auditing an organization’s strategy development process

5. Auditing service level agreements and KPIs for internally provided services

6. Chief Audit Executive reporting lines within an organization – handling combined roles

7. Compliance risks – how to evaluate & audit

8. Coordinating IA activity with other compliance/risk functions

9. Defining “adequate” level of risk mitigation/control

10. Differing levels of audit assurance (e.g., audit, review, negative assurance)

11. IA’s involvement in the acquisition of external assurance provider’s services

12. IA’s involvement with mergers and acquisitions

13. IA’s role in fraud and corruption control plans

14. IA’s role in joint ventures

15. IA’s role in monitoring emerging issues within an organization

16. Impact on audit risk when companies expand and become international

17. Impact of organizational stress 

18. Independence of internal audit – key elements, how to preserve

19. Internal quality assurance programs

20. Managing rotational auditors

21. Managing stakeholder relationships

22. Opinions – How to form an opinion on controls – structure, framework, etc.

23. Professional skepticism – objectivity not affected by relationships with management

24. Relationship between IA and government regulators

25. Selecting and using IA co-source service providers
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