Volunteer needed to support Dutch representation in the Management Board of ECIIA

The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) is the umbrella organization of more than 30 pan-European IIAs. Thijs Smit, past president of IIA Netherlands and currently member of the Management Board of ECIIA and member of IIA Global is looking for a volunteer to support him with his work for ECIIA, as will be nominated to be the President of ECIIA next year.

The ECIIA Vision and Mission are expressed in the following statements:

  • To represent and develop the internal auditing profession throughout the wider geographic area of Europe and the Mediterranean basin. 
  • To be the consolidated voice for the profession of internal auditing in a widely defined Europe by dealing with the European Union, its Parliament and Commission and any other European or global institutions of influence. 
  • To represent the European internal auditing profession on the global stage in tandem - and in consultation - with IIA Inc. 
  • To promote the profession in economically emerging countries, as appropriate, within the wider geographic area of Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

The volunteer will advise Thijs on current and future ECIIA projects Estimated time is 10 days per year. Fluency in English is required. This is a great opportunity for a young professional, who whished to experience international expose.

More information van be found on the ECIIA website.

If you are interested, please contact Thijs directly by e-mail: tsmit@shv.nl

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