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Culture, engagement, and business success

"In a recent article on Gallup’s website, “3 Daily Actions That Set the Tone for Workplace Culture,” author Craig Kamins writes, “Some workplace cultures motivate employees and fuel performance.” Others, he says, “drain employees’ motivation and make employees feel as though they have no control over their environment nor an incentive to perform.”

According to Kamins, employees’ perceptions about their work culture hinge on their leaders’ words and actions. Three daily behaviors that set the tone for the workplace culture, he writes, and lay the “groundwork for exceptional engagement,” are:
1. Be respectful toward employees.
2. Communicate what is happening in the organization.
3. Promote accountability and fairness.

A few years ago, The IIA’s chief marketing officer, Monica Griffin, took on the responsibility of addressing The Institute’s corporate culture. As the organization grew and evolved, it was a task that was long overdue. She and her working group, of which internal audit was a part, identified cultural challenges and developed The IIA’s core values:
»» Put Our Members First
»» Do the Right Thing
»» Commit to Shared Success
»» Work Smart

Today, staff — from the top down — are measured by how well we adopt these values. They are part of our annual performance review, and we are recognized for exhibiting them. After all, by engaging in these behaviors we better serve our members, which enhances The IIA’s reputation and business performance.

In this issue of Internal Auditor, we examine organizational culture from multiple angles and consider internal audit’s role in helping ensure it remains healthy. Our cover story, “The Right Path” (on page 24), considers how an organization’s ethical culture affects its bottom line. The new IIA North American Board chair, Benito Ybarra, says it is part of internal audit’s job to help drive an effective corporate culture (see “Step Forward” on page 36). In “Board Perspectives” (on page 56), author Matt Kelly asks, “If society wants corporations to exercise a sharper sense of ethics and moral responsibility, do we need more ethics and compliance officers serving on boards?” Plus “Eye on Business” (on page 60) considers what it takes to assess, monitor, and report on the organization’s culture. And don’t forget to visit and read Jim Roth’s ongoing series on culture.

When it comes to organizational culture, we’ve got you covered."

~Anne Millage

Read Internal Auditor June 2019 online

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