Educational institutes

Various colleges and universities provide education in the field of internal and operational auditing.

The Amsterdam Business School (ABS) organizes the Executive MSc of Internal Auditing program. In addition, the ABS also provides training for parts 1, 2 and 3 of the CIA exam.

The Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance (ESAA) provides the post-initial course Internal Auditing & Advisory. The ESAA also provides a number of lectures in preparation for the CIA exams (PE). for which individual registration is possible.

De Hague University of Applied Sciences provides the postgraduate course Internal Auditing. Thanks to a carefully designed training program, this curriculum increases your professionalism and you learn to perform a full audit in practice.

Avans+ provides the post-bachelor course in Operational Auditing in Amsterdam, Breda en Utrecht.

In addition, Avans+ offers the post-bachelor course Soft Controls in collaboration with Ferocia.

Register educational institute

The IIA may authorize or invite external institutes to offer relevant courses, trainings, seminars, conferences and other educational activities relevant to its members. Only activities from authorized providers are included on the IIA Acacemy Calendar and are eligible for IIA PE points. Publishing a training on the IIA website costs €300 per year, regardless of the number of repetitions of the training.

Click here for the Training Offer Procedure (dutch only).

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