International certifications

By earning a professional internal audit certification you show the outside world that you possess knowledge and skills, plus a strong involvement in the practice of internal audit. You also earn the credibility and respect of your peers. The Dutch RO title is to be gained via IIA Netherlands, while IIA Global offers the CIA, CRMA, CPEA and CPSA Certifications & Qualifications.

For the international titles, you must directly submit your application in the CCMS (Certification Candidate Management System) of IIA Global, you'll also find there the manual wich will guide you through the process step by step. Candidates who already participate in a program can complete this independently via the CCMS.

Please note: IIA Netherlans only provides information on this page, for question about international certifications please contact IIA Global directly. 


With the Pearson VUE testing tutorial and practice exam you can practice with the computer system on the Pearson VUE website. This way you learn how the exams for the certifications are taken.


With the launch of the new system on March 16th 2020, all candidates residing in the Netherlands who wish to receive a printed certificate will be required to order it directly from their CCMS account.  IIA-HQ will managing the printing and delivery of all certificates.

Exam location

Pearson Vue have suspended all exams in a bid to protect staff and test candidates and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Candidates concerned about the exam authorisation window should get in touch with IIA Global via the CCMS - where you'll also be able to re-book exams for free. Status updates on Pearson Vue's contingency planning in this regard can be found here.

The exam is taken digitally at a location of Pearson VUE. After registration you will receive a registration number with which you can reserve a date and time at Pearson VUE for half a year (180 days) to take the exam. This is possible at every Pearson VUE location worldwide, so if desired also abroad. In the Netherlands, the organization has exam locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. There is one exam location in Belgium. It is advisable to reserve at least two months prior to your desired date.

When taking the exam, you must bring a valid identification document and your authorization letter with the unique code. You will not be admitted without these documents and your rights will expire. You can bring a dictionary; a calculator is made available digitally. Also make sure you are (well) on time - the time reserved by you cannot be postponed and if you arrive late, your rights will expire. Immediately after taking an exam, you will receive a provisional result - this status cannot yet be granted. This will be confirmed definitively within approximately five weeks.


This is the CIA Certification page on the IIA Global website.

CIA® stands for Certified Internal Auditor®. By successfully completing the CIA exam, auditors can get certified by IIA Inc.. The most important subjects that are part of the exam are the internal audit process, management control and information technology and the audit environment. The Code of Ethics applies to all Certified Internal Auditors and they are required to follow continuing education.

In 1974 the CIA exam was taken for the first time. It is designed to promote the recognition of the internal audit profession and to support auditors who want to further develop themselves professionally. The same exam is taken worldwide, which is centrally prepared by The Professional Certifications Board of The IIA. You can do these CIA Practice tests. Check the IIA Global site for the costs.

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