Virtual classroom Assurance mapping

Assurance mapping – a practitioner’s workshop

Due to the coronavirus James C Paterson will arrange a webinar for this course.

We are increasingly looking for more for less from internal audit and this increasingly requires that we are “joined up” with what others are doing. Since 2017 the IIA standards require internal audit to “co-ordinate and consider relying upon” the work of others, and also demand that we develop “a consistent process for the basis of reliance” on others.

An assurance map is a key tool that all internal audit functions should be able to use, but there are many stories of lengthy and expensive efforts to deliver such a map. Using real world experiences as a head of audit, and over 10 years training on this topic we are delighted to have James Paterson to share his insights on how to make progress in a practical way. This will also allow those who have already started working on assurance maps to take stock, and decide “where next”  and how to join up efforts with other activities.

Who should attend?

Heads of internal audit, internal audit managers and anyone whose involved in assurance processes.

What will I learn?

  • understand the foundations of an effective assurance map
  • why assurance from all lines of defence must be considered, not just internal audit and second line functions
  • learn the range of benefits that an assurance map can deliver and the different ways to get these
  • understand the technical and political challenges of assurance mapping and the best way of measuring the assurance from others
  • Up-grading your audit planning to include assurance activities
  • learn how assurance thinking can actually support lean and agile audit techniques
  • Be clear about how assurance efforts should link with risk management and performance management and not just be something separate
  • learn how to prioritise your current efforts.

Duration: Two days



Day 1

Day 2


Intros and expectations

Fundamentals and IIA standards

Recap & open questions


An assurance map (first example) – the importance of the “so what” and “who decides”  

Back to risk management – link with assurance (analysis)  





Roles and accountabilities

Application in your organisation

Project Assurance

Assurance over third parties


What is reasonable assurance

Key risks / Key controls – benchmarking

Measurement of assurances from others: Line 1 and Line 2 (analysis)





Application to policies e.g. GDPR


Implications for audit planning

Own planning considerations





Application to processes

Co-ordinating with others


Benefits from an assurance map

Your organisation

Managing stakeholders and recognising political factors / Next steps


Where to start

Sharing insights




6 en 7 May 2020

09:00 tot 17:00 uur

Online training via webinar

Prijs leden / niet-leden
€920,- / €1.040,- 

PE Punten

CAE's en internal audit managers

Aantal deelnemers
Minimaal 5 en maximaal 10 deelnemers

"I effectively learned a lot in a what was a compressed one day and a half training about assurance mapping. James was able to explain the complexity and tried to make it simple. Nice balance of theory and practice. I feel confident in applying a different approach to different audits. I liked the easy going atmosphere. James is actually one of my favored instructors. He is always very approachable and encouraging. He knows exactly how to trigger you to think about how to approach assurance mapping, that in relation to your own organization. Exceeded my expectations."


James C. Paterson is a finance professional who then became the Chief Audit Executive for AstraZeneca PLC. He has been consulting and training since 2010 and delivers workshops for 12 IIA institutes across Europe, including Belgium. Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. James has also presented at several 3 IIA International conferences on a range of topics. He is the author of the book “Lean Auditing” which is about new ways of auditing to drive efficiency and effectiveness and added value. His specialist areas of work include Assurance Mapping, Root cause analysis, Audit culture and influencing and political savvy for internal auditors.

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